Overhauling consists of replacement sash cords, counterbalancing as required and generally ensuring sash windows travel smoothly. Perished putty will be replaced as well as pulleys lubricated for improved function and removing any squeaks from the original pulleys.

The Overhaul Process

  • First, we make sure the area is prepared and covered with dust sheets to keep mess to a minimum
  • We then remove and check the sashes (which are the windows themselves)
  • We remove any rot from the sills and boxes and either repair or replace the wood
  • The sash weights and pulleys are checked to make sure they are working correctly
  • We always fit new ropes when re-furbishing a window
  • Draft proof brushes and beads are then installed to the windows to prevent drafts and rattles
  • We will replace broken catches and can advise on new window catches and sash lifts

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